Takenotes Design Studio is the design studio (desk in my living room) of me, Ryan Underwood. I am a non-award-winning (It's all politics and I never submit anyways. I'm not bitter.) designer, leader, and somewhat of a front-end developer.

Right now I work at the convergence of operations, branding, marketing, and systems/operations. That is a few ten-dollar words to just say I help companies build their branding, and organize and operationalize it.

The real biography:

I am a designer with many moons of experience. If I am being honest, I lost count of how many years. Starting with a pirated version of Adobe Photoshop and making materials for various bands I was in during my early 20s, I learned some early on-set soft skills. Some of these skills being client management, and others including learning the hardway about the neccessity of a contract in a freelance working relationship.

Throughout my career, I have been fortunate-enough to work for some great companies to help them to grow through design, strategy, and systematic development.

When not plopped down in front of a computer hitting command + k in Figma, or in VSCODE you can typically find me reading, playing guitar, working out, or complaining that my knees are sore (most likely from working out).

I have not hit the "smoking meat" phase of life. Yet. Though... I do have some Aaron Franklin and Matty Matheson cookbooks.

Thanks, Chef.


  • Alight Solutions

    Design System Lead Brand

    Senior Digital Designer

  • Princeton Mortgage

    Sr. Art Director

  • CrossCountry Mortgage

    Sr. Art Director

  • Perl Mortgage

    Art Director

  • Frey Design Group

    Senior Designer